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One Ring to rule them all…

Though I’ve always been a tech junkie – from Commodore 64 to OS X, iPods and Apple TV – still, I never really did care about mobile computing… I had my calls and my SMS. I always bought the newest of gadgets, but the newer the phone I got, the harder it was to use… Was it me getting older? Two years in U.S. and I even started preferring leaving voice mails over SMS (maybe because no one used SMS over there)… However, as all junkies, I cannot hold back, I need the newest… so  while transiting through New York some half a year ago I got my iPhone (price was of course no issue). 

What have happened since?

– I discovered location awareness in Amsterdam – accuracy not the point… just gimme the streets… the route to the restaurant.

– I discovered roaming charges in Brussels. Finally I had all my Mail – answering all the time – were did my vacation go really? Does more mail access decrease the size of your inbox? For sure it did not decrease the roaming charges (some 2000 NOK for just checking email).  

– I finally had all my RSS-feeds at hand – but I seems always have 500 unread!

– I started blogging on the train – hmm, maybe I now could count my train rides as work hours? But I did not get more work done.

– Exchange integration means that I always had my calender with me… However now it is seems to always be full… 

– I’m involved in development of a touch screen application. iPhone are setting standards –  generation iPhone will not accept “bad” solutions… 

– On the positive side I do more often now leave my laptop at work, I now book tickets using Safari on the iPod (WAP what was that?). And as any true tech junkie I measure my gadgets coolness factor by how long it stays cool to me… and my iPhone is still very much so – apps apps apps! BUT it does affect my economy more than increased interest rates… I DOOO need a fixed data charge! 

As a final note, for business I think iPhone it is a huge step – work gets more of my time because I allow them to. And for us consumers, I think it improves the usability and usefulness by giving me a PC you can call with not visa versa (and yes I only care about connectivity from the network provider – not so called value-added-services past location awareness ). Similar to what Nokia managed in the 90s, it’s just better than what was. However, it will make all employees attached to work all the time, and as a side note, my next vacation I will be switching to “Airplain mode”! 

I now have one device that rule them all… unfortunately I am feeling more like Gollum than God…

(this post was made on the iPhone)