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Social networks in the enterprise

I have for a long time used various kinds of social networks and tools. IRC, Yahoo! messenger, Skype, Myspace, Facebook and Twitter to name a few. Common to them all is the ability to set a status on what I am doing.

In the enterprise, especially in a knowledge intensive one, it is this ability that often lacks. Often you find youself in need for knowledge but do not know who to ask.

The latest tool that is currently swiping across my company is Yammer. While very similar to Twitter it is focused on the enterprise marked allowing people in the same domain to listen to oneanother. Also it has Facebook’s ability to add groups.

In one week more than 100 of some 175 has added themselves, and I’m looking forward to see how it will turn out. And it is not a disadvantage that it has a nice iPhone client. 🙂


My extended memory

I have one major challenge in my everyday life: My short term memory.

Beyond the “normal” apps on my iphone (email, webbrowsing, contacts, calendar, ipod and phone), i have grown to enjoy a handful of “unconventional” apps to help me in this challenge.

Shazam is an incredible simple app i use for looking up music i hear around me which i then later can use to build up playlists.

Snaptell is a very similar app that allows me to find metadata about books, videos etc as you see them by taking a picture. I use the list regularly buying them on apple store or amazon.

With the wordpress iphone client i can sit anywhere and post my thoughts at any time, often on the train or right now in a workshop in Tallin.

And, i can follow other peoples thoughts and news with the NetNewsWire app i can when i want or are able to.

Common to all this is the fact that i don’t need to execute there and then and i create metadata and context. Any more of these apps?