Sesam4 and Tourism

Sesam4, not to be confused with sesame from Aduna, is a Norwegian research project with participation from Computas, Ovitas, Cyberwatcher, Vestlandsforsking and others.

One of the objectives of the project is to address tourism sector with semantic web technology. The sector is chosen for a number of reasons:
• Large number of stakeholders
• Most of the service providers have small budgets for technology and integration
• Large amount of potentially interesting information, with a substantial precentage public
• Geolocated information
• High visibility

Mostly this means that it is a challenge to create good solutions with traditional technologies, and a great potential for semantic web technologies.

Through the first phases of the project we have defined some use cases, scenarios and identified some key challenges. My company, Computas, is one of the participants in the project. In the next months we will focus on how to apply semantic web technologies in the scenarios. We’re starting this week with an off-site workshop with 30 people. More on the results will be posted later.

Anyone else applying semantic web technologies for tourism?