Semantics in the Norwegian government

The Norwegian Registry Centre, Brønnøysundregistrene, is implementing a metadata repository for configuration of concept, structures and messages exchanged between the private sector and the government.

The project, known as SERES2 has gpne through several phases. It has clearly defined benefits; simplifying and reducing the reporting burden of enterprises, and harmonizing models for reuse. The use cases are also quite clear. Merging existing message exchange models (e.g XSDs) into common models and thereafter producing new message exchange models top-down with clear semantics, structure and under a well defined workflow and configuration management.

The repository, which is a central part of the final system is based on a product from Adaptive Inc. which allows a custom metamodel to be defined, and instances of these to be imported, and versioned in the repository.

First glance at a populated system will be at the Semantic Days conference in Stavanger May 18-20.