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This weekend eight of the semantic web Media Zone project team are gathered in a cabin in Hemsedal, Norway. There is no running water here, which means that we have to heat water on the woodstove and can take no showers. No problem. We do have electricity though, and Television.

I often read trends from the behavior of my friends in situations over time. Of course I’m not assuming we are representative of the general population.

Interrestingly the TV has not been turned on the whole weekend. But we’ve seen a lot of media. On our iPhones and laptops. Our music has been streamed over the 3G network with Spotify. At least eight YouTube videos have been shared.

While I’m blogging about this on my iPhone, Magnus is playing the Norwegian anthem on his iPhone. Daniel is playing Ski Jump on the iPhone instead of trying the one outside the cabin. Frode is creating maps while skiing. Everyone are twittering about what they are doing. And did I mention that Magnus, Daniel and me played poker agains eachother and other facebook people in the car getting here.

What did people do five years ago? Messages to the world would have been sent by SMS, we may have had a guitar and for sure this blog would have been written in the cabin’s guest book. And TV would have been the preferred medium. I actually checked the guest book for March 21, 2004. They were only skiing…

I think I can safely say that in another five years we can still be without running water, but not without the Internet, and we will not notice that the TV is not there. The world is moving so fast that the rest will be guesswork.

Thanks for a great weekend Magnus, Pia, Frode, Daniel, Odd-Wiking, Christian and Robert!


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  1. Dutchbob

    David’s contemplations can be extended by some notes on the future of car-driving: what’s a car without a 220V outlet at the moment? In our family there is always a fight whom *has to* drive, since the best is to sit in the back-seat with a laptop, full broadband connection and surf the world while driving through the country-side. Our television time is close to zero, but our online and streaming time (including car) is certainly many hours each day…

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