My extended memory

I have one major challenge in my everyday life: My short term memory.

Beyond the “normal” apps on my iphone (email, webbrowsing, contacts, calendar, ipod and phone), i have grown to enjoy a handful of “unconventional” apps to help me in this challenge.

Shazam is an incredible simple app i use for looking up music i hear around me which i then later can use to build up playlists.

Snaptell is a very similar app that allows me to find metadata about books, videos etc as you see them by taking a picture. I use the list regularly buying them on apple store or amazon.

With the wordpress iphone client i can sit anywhere and post my thoughts at any time, often on the train or right now in a workshop in Tallin.

And, i can follow other peoples thoughts and news with the NetNewsWire app i can when i want or are able to.

Common to all this is the fact that i don’t need to execute there and then and i create metadata and context. Any more of these apps?