Sublima @ ESTC 2008

For you who are interested, here is my presentation of Sublima at the European Semantic Technology Conference in Vienna last week: Estc-2008-norheim

3 thoughts on “Sublima @ ESTC 2008

  1. trond

    Sounds like an interesting project. I did not quite get the rationale for not using Topic Maps, though. It is of course up to you if you prefer solving the problem with other technologies, but how can “SUBLIMA is not about internal resources but on external annotation” be the reason for *not* choosing Topic Maps? Rather, it seems like a perfect fit!

  2. norheimd Post author

    Hi Trond!

    As you say TM is quite equivalent to a SKOS representation. However, the quote in the presentation is not the only reason for choosing W3C standards over Topic Maps – or a pure relational database solution for that matter.

    One of the foremost reason to choose W3C Semantic Web standards is to align this with the SPARQL enabled Linked Open Data, the annotations from each portal will be available as a SPARQL endpoint.

    Secondly, we are working on extending the tool to support constraints over metadata as well. Adding some OWL support in the back end. This will allow more automation in the classification of the resources.

  3. trond

    Hmm…well. The ISO 13250 Topic Maps standard is no more limited to a SKOS representation than RDF/OWL, but I understand that you have other reasons… However, when it comes to expressing *constraints*, Topic Maps’ TMCL is a constraint language in which you express constraints that are supposed to make applications flag errors on false statements, while OWL is made for reasoning….so in my opinion, TMCL is better suited in “closed” or “limited world” applications than OWL. But it’s often a matter of taste, I guess.

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