SKOS and OWL in practice

We’ve recently developed a system focusing on informal modeling using SKOS.

The reasons for chosing SKOS over OWL were
• The systems to be replaced already had an informally modeled domain model
• We did not require the strength coming with OWL inferencing
• Performance was important

This is from my understanding a quite common situation. The modeling of a concept or topic hierarcy is in it self a mind twisting job, and to add logic to that makes it even harder. Secondly as architecht for such systems based on RDF it is important not to add more complexity than needed, and not to add something that may prove to have a performance penalty.

I will talk more on this subject in the upcoming weeks, also in situations where we’ve reached the opposite conclusion. I will also share my experiences in greater detail at the upcoming European Semantic Technology conference in Vienna.