List of Semantic Web books

Ivan Herman, the head of Semantic Web activity in W3C, maintains a quite extensive list of Semantic Web books

“This page contains information on books that are strictly on the Semantic Web. There are, of course, lots of other books on Knowledge Representation, Logic, XML, Databases, etc, that are all relevant for the Semantic Web, but adding these to this list would be counter productive…

Keeping such list up-to-date is obviously a problem. It can be hoped that the community at large will help maintaining these pages.

The order in the listings below does not reflect any assessment of the product or tool; simple year and alphanumeric order is used. (Note that some of these books are already announced, but not yet available…). Please, keep to this order if you add a book to the list.”

Read the list here

He also has (of course) this list in RDF, have a look.